Transforming Busy Newcastle Locals From Stressed and Exhausted to Healthy and in Control of How They Look and Feel

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Why Our Members Choose Us

Fully Coached Sessions

You won't find members aimlessly wandering around. Everything you do here is coached by understanding and supportive professionals. We take you through each session step by step so you can feel strong and capable.

Life Changing Results

We keep you motivated and progressing so you can move better, feel better, get stronger and improve your confidence. You will be able to notice the difference in the way your body looks, moves and feels.

Zero Judgement

A welcoming and friendly place for people to come and train without judgment. Building a community of like minded members working towards better health and movement, and the best version of themselves.

Your Pathway To Transform Your Body and Take Back Control of Your Fitness


Book a fitness strategy call - this is where we analyse your situation and explain how we can help you.


Make a plan - you tell us your goals, we create a custom package which will get you there!


We will guide you all the way to your weight & fitness goals, just follow our tried and tested system and expert coaches.


Make it sustainable - Once we have guided you to success, we create a long term target, so you never lose motivation again!

Click The Button Below For More Info and Discover How You Can Transform Your Body and Fitness in Just 30 Days

From Struggling to Thriving

Diane is 3 stone down, happy, confident and off diabeties medication

Emma is strong, less anxious, and in amazing shape

Anne is strong, coordinated and capable for a healthy, happy retirement

Claire is proud of her commitment and has changed the way she see's herself

Lesley has made countless new friends, and is motivated and committed

Emily is pain free and in the best shape of her life

Discover How You Can Transform Your Body and Fitness in Just 30 Days

We Can Help You

At Physical Performance we understand you are the kind of person who wants to be the best version of yourself.
In order to be that way, you need to create achievable healthy habits to help you feel better, move better, look better and have more confidence. The challenge is conflicting information about what to do to get the results you want, which makes you feel lost and confused.

We believe one-size-fits-all fitness programs can leave you feeling in pain and frustrated. We understand you may have tried and failed in the past. That’s why our program is customised to your fitness level and designed to take you through the process step by step to ensure that this time you get the results you want.

Here’s how it works

Book a short introductory call. We’ll call you to get to know you better, answer any questions you have, and provide you with all of the information you need to see if we are a great fit.

After our phone call we’ll meet in person at your consultation. We want to get to know you, assess your movement and see where you need guidance. We'll create a plan to kickstart your journey with us.

Our services are designed to provide the expertise and accountability you need. We will set you up for success from the very beginning on our 30 day kickstart trial. It’s a chance for you to find out how it works and see if we are a a good fit.

Our three-step plan includes Coached Training, Nutritional Guidance, Support & Accountability. So you can stop procrastinating on your health and fitness and start feeling strong and capable.

What's Included in the 30 Day Kickstart Trial

  • 121 Consultaton on your goals, needs, wants and a movement screening to tailor your training programme to you and around any injuries or pre-existing conditions.
  • 12 x Small Group Personal Training Sessions
  • Nutritional Support
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Private Whatsapp Support
  • Check in/ Review
  • Community and Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

If you are looking for a fitness solution based purely on price we may be the wrong fit for you.  We believe in delivering exceptional value, our prices start from £160/month.  Find out how we can help you, just arrange a call now.

Can I rehabilitate an injury/ pre existing condition?

Yes! We get to know you right from the start – your history, your fitness level, and your current health – so we can we design a training program suitable for you.
If you're specifically looking to rehabilitate an injury, or have specialist needs, you may not be a suitable candidate for small group training. In this case personal training will give you scheduled appointments and one-on-one attention to make real progress.

This will be discussed with you at your consultation as every client is completely individual. Every 121 session may incorporate a range of our techniques. This is really what makes Physical Performance unique. A client's program may involve aspects of active release therapy, assisted isolated stretching, fascial abrasion, massage, personal training and physical therapy, our niche is the scope we can provide within our sessions.
Some personal training clients may spend only part of a session on the gym floor mobility training, as others may require hands on soft tissue work too. We are specialists in Rehabilitation and are Newcastle's leading Personal Training Gym.

Do I need to be fit before I start?

If you were struggling in math class, would you wait until you got better at math to hire a tutor? The obvious answer to this is “no.” You would seek out the assistance of someone trained to help you overcome your hurdles and make progress toward your goals.

Our trainers are experts in the art of scaling and modifying workouts to meet you where you are. Getting started is much easier than you might think, our coaches are ever mindful of using proper progressions and meeting you at your current level.

Everyone understands how hard it is to get started. We have walked in your shoes. We have felt your struggles and fears. We have persevered and overcome, and we are excited to see you do the same.

What time are training sessions?

Our timetable is flexible and easy to book in via our online system. Our sessions run from 6am in the morning all the way through to 7.15pm at night. You are not restricted to a set day or time each week. You have the freedom to find the times and sessions that suit you best. Speak to one of the team to find out more about our sessions and our 30 day kickstart trial. It’s a chance for you to find out how it works and if we are a a good fit.

How long are training sessions?

Our small group personal training sessions are 45 minutes, and 121 personal training appointments are 1 hour.

Are changing facilities and lockers available?

Yes we have male and female changing facilites, with showers and lockers. Please bring your own towel if you are using our showers. Changing rooms have toilitries and hairdryers for your convenience.

Is parking available?

We have a private car park available on our doorstep. All visitors can stay for 80 minutes without penalty. Any members must enter their registration number within the gym reception for a permit entitling them up to 2 hours stay should you require it. Parking is free of charge for all members.

Where is the gym?

We are based in Kenton within Kenton Retail Shopping Centre just off Kenton Lane. We are a few minutes drive from both the A1 and Gosforth, and are on a major bus route. The nearest metro station is Fawdon, around a 10 minute walk from the gym.

Click The Button Below For More Info and Discover How You Can Transform Your Body and Fitness in Just 30 Days